edna2Founded by Edna Greenwich in 2004, Opera Exposures launched its premier operatic event at Saint Mark’s Church with great success. Opera Exposures aims to support young and emerging artists. We are also dedicated to building the audience for opera by presenting concerts in non-traditional venues. The Amsterdam News has praised Edna as “a very enterprising young woman [who] has chosen to address herself to the challenging task of creating a forum for outstanding vocal talents.”

Opera Exposures – Our Vision:

  • To present both seasoned professional musicians and rising artists in accessible venues in New York City
  • To develop the future audience for opera by reaching to non-traditional concert and opera goers
  • To provide for the opportunity for the performers and audience members to interact after the performance
  • To actively seek young operatic artists and provide them with a per diem, a venue and an audience to perform
  • To expand the repertoire of our operatic recitals by including traditional arias, duets and ensemble numbers from well know operas, but to also include spirituals, show tunes, standard cabaret songs, folk tunes, and popular songs.

Artist Services includes:

  • Assistance with wardrobe and performance presentation
  • Proving Sheet Music for learning and performance
  • Providing Vocal Coaching with respected accompanists
  • Introduction to a community of opera lovers and supporters
  • All artists are paid for their services

Education and Outreach:

  • Invite students to open rehearsals
  • Present history of early operatic artists and traditions by way of lively narrations during concerts
  • Outreach to audiences who are non-traditional opera-goers and provide them access to the performances at a reduced ticket price


Board of Directors

Founder and Director
Edna Greenwich, founder and director

Artistic Director
Dwight Owsley

Carl Sylvestre